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6 min readMar 21, 2023

Hello ActaFam!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of speaking with all of you through an AMA in the intimate setting of our Telegram Community Channel. We covered a lot of material, so if you’d like to read through the full session, please visit the channel. Otherwise, here’s a quick recap of the most important news and information.

We started off with a quick introduction to our Founder & CEO, Christof Waton:

Chris | Acta Finance, [2023–03–20 11:10 AM]

  • 2014: bought my first Bitcoins.
  • 2017: started community investment group (@Keepsticky was one of our admins there, so we go way back).
  • 2018: CBDO at a liquidity aggregator for CEXs, working with basically all CEXs for their liquidity solutions, as in 2018 tons of CEXs came out. This is where I worked together on liquidity flow, arbitraging the liquidity router, referral program, account milestones, etc. These were basically missing in DeFi ecosystems these days.
  • 2020: opened my own consultancy and did 2 successful contracts (in-and-out) as CBDO to write out their DeFi ecosystem.
  • 2021: Wrote out P2P Finance, which became Acta Finance ;)

We then moved on to more pressing topics, such as our DAO Voting in favour of us going to market, the expectations for these events, as well as the company in the short and long term:

Chris | Acta Finance, [2023–03–20 11:12 AM]

I’m very up for innovation and working together with the investors/community.

I think that’s very important. That’s why we gave the vote for going-to-market to the investors through our DAO. It was a successful showcase, so in the short term, I hope to successfully showcase our MVP.

Short term: I’m also looking towards getting the IDO Launchpads lined up. With Paid Ignition dropping out, an additional ticket became available, so we are looking at the options that we have. The Avata Network IDO is a small ticket, but it’s something to get that momentum going! From another launchpad, which is promising for Southeast Asia, we received a draft agreement today, which is being reviewed by the lawyer as we speak. SEA is in our target audience, especially with the Referral Program.

Getting all IDOs lined up, going to the market, getting all KOLs to perform their duties/make their YouTube reviews will complete the short term. Currently, 70% of this puzzle is in place.

Long term: God knows, we have a big ecosystem, so we can adapt where needed. ActaFi launchpad is currently last on our roadmap by priority to build, as there is enough to build. I would say we are looking forward to the launch, and then to expand to multi-chain, prior to going cross-chain.

The support of the community has been a great feeling from a business development side. Sometimes I pass the nice messages to the devs, which in their turn are grateful for hearing positive feedback on their developments.

With Christof touching on the unfortunate news of Paid cancelling their IDO, we inquired as to whether this would impact the roadmap moving forward, as well as tried to get some exclusive info on any new partnerships on the way. Here’s what he said:

Chris | Acta Finance, [2023–03–20 11:24 AM]:

I think there is room for around 2 more launchpads. It’s crucial that we lock them in as fast as possible, but I also don’t want to impulsively select the launchpads either.

Partnerships: We are talking with the other AMMs on Avalanche and have a good relationship with them. They don’t see us as a competitor but as a partner, which is exactly what we want to offer them. Also, they gave us a heads up regarding their V2 liquidity pools, which are low on liquidity, as they have already launched their active liquidity, liquidity books, etc. (terminology differences). That wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t see us already as a partner, so the announcement of those partnerships is imminent. Furthermore, we have already made moves to go multichain and have Polygon and Binance Smart Chain waiting for us to deploy on their network to cross-announce/introduce us to those networks.

There is, of course, one more partnership for our lending (that feeds the margin requests). However, there is a lot of information about the ActaFi ecosystem that they require, and they are not yet ready as we would work with the RFQ (Request For Quote) model, which is something new to them. So, I’m basically trying to guide them on why the RFQ model for lending is so much better than the ‘traditional’ DeFi lending model. We also have a lot of Partner Spotlights to enhance the relationships with our existing partners.

Does Paid Ignition hurt the path forward? Well, it was unexpected to be honest, and we got caught off guard by them. A tech update on a launchpad is a weird reason, but then again, if they are not doing any launches in the near future, then it’s better to move on and find solutions.

So, we have one additional lock-in coming soon (review of the agreement is ongoing), and we are pushing from multiple angles to have another preferred launchpad locked in. We are going to provide a solution for the community members that bought PAID tokens and don’t get the chance to invest through the Paid Ignition launchpad. But, to avoid/reduce the risk for the community to get scammed, I prefer not to go into detail on how we will approach this. REMEMBER: ADMINS WILL NEVER REACH OUT FIRST and please confirm anything with our admins here in community chat.

With all of those updates provided, it was time to move onto the NFT ID 1 and Christof had a lot to say about it and ActaFi Swap v3!

Chris | Acta Finance, [2023–03–20 11:42 AM]:

We have indeed minted the first NFT liquidity position (active liquidity spread) on our testnet, like Uniswap v3 or like TraderJoe’s liquidity book. It was not easy to get to that point, and there aren’t many of those protocols out there yet. BUT we had to do it for a reason. As I mentioned previously, the top AMMs on Avalanche already have the new protocol, and their liquidity in V2 protocols is very low. So we have built an aggregator (indirect pair) for V2 protocol, but there are very few to aggregate. That’s why we had to move ahead with the ActaFi Swap v3 (active liquidity) before launching the aggregator on mainnet.

We had 2 options:

  1. Aggregate AMMs on Avalanche, low liquidity, and still depend on liquidity providers in a full range liquidity position (Not interesting for liquidity providers).
  2. Move forward with active liquidity and post-launch upgrade the aggregator to active liquidity aggregation.

We developed our liquidity aggregator over the past year, and currently, we have to cut that out of the launch products to get the required liquidity. It was not an easy decision, but from a user and liquidity provider perspective, the best one. Currently, we are modifying our whole ecosystem to the ActaFi Swap upgrade, which is the main development till launch. We have a very tight schedule for it, but with the right planning and follow-up, we will be able to meet the deadline. I have daily individual meetings with the SC lead and frontend lead dev just to keep up-to-date with the progress. Weekly sprint meetings are scheduled until mid-May. There is very limited room for getting stuck. That’s why it’s important to keep the communication going. Aggregate crumbs into a quarter of a bread slice or give the opportunity for liquidity providers to make more money out of their liquidity positions which incentivizes them to provide the liquidity. We worked so hard to build the liquidity aggregator, so the tough decision was about dropping the liquidity aggregator from launch.

For those who don’t know the difference: Active liquidity spread allows you to dedicate the price range you provide the liquidity for. It gives a higher return on your liquidity position AND reduces the risk of impermanent loss tremendously.

During the live Q&A session, we saw some amazing and thought-provoking questions asked. If you’d like to read the answers to those, we invite you to join our Telegram Community Channel where you can see everything in intricate detail!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today and we look forward to our next community AMA with you, our ActaFam!

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