Acta Finance Crew3 Airdrop Starter Tutorial & Quest Breakdown

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5 min readMar 3, 2023

Hello Acta Family!

By now you’ve probably heard of our Grow the ActaFam airdrop competition. If not, you’re in luck because it’s officially underway and there’s still plenty of time to get in and start climbing up the leaderboard! The competition started on February 27th at 12am EDT and will run until May 1st at 11:59pm EDT.

If you’re new to the platform, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this Crew3 Starter Tutorial. After you’ve read through the competition details and completed the sign-up process this tutorial will show you where to find Acta Finance’s questboard and learn about some of our kick-off quests, so you can dive in at full speed.

Getting familiar with the platform is easy and earning XP is even easier. You can grind XP every single day by completing daily quests, weekly creative quests, inviting your network, consistently engaging with us on Telegram, and of course, keeping an eye out for special quests!

Let’s begin with the Getting Started Quests.

These quests are claimable only one time and are all about welcoming you to the Acta Family. The process is very simple, complete the first two quests “Follow @ActaFi on Twitter” & “Join Telegram Community”. After you’ve completed these two quests, you will be able to complete the next two quests. As you complete each one in sequence, the following quests will start unlocking for you and voila! You’ve gained 250xp all from our first set of quests! Once these are done, you can move along to our Daily Quests!

Daily Quests:

Daily Quests are an excellent tool for moving up the leaderboard consistently over time because everyday you can come back and collect XP from these ones. For example, to claim “Daily Connect”, all you have to do is return to Crew3 and collect the XP just for visiting the quest on our questboard. The Daily Telegram Message however requires a little more tack. Make sure your daily message is a minimum of 5 words and remember you *cannot write the same message every day and must include words such as ActaFam, Crew3, or Acta Finance. What we’re looking for here is quality over quantity. Maybe you have an interesting question about Acta Finance, or maybe you want to share something you learned about us with the rest of the community. All of these are checked daily and vetted for spam, so get engaged! And finally, our “Daily Website Visit” is very straightforward– visit our site and collect XP. Special note: we have more daily quests planned, so stay on the lookout for those “NEW QUEST ALERTS” that we share across our socials!

Content Creator Quests:

Content Creator quests are some of our favourites because they give us the chance to see your creative side! These quests challenge you to write, create Twitter or Youtube videos, make memes or design infographics. The most important thing to note here is that every piece of content is reviewed for quality and originality. If you submit the same material twice, you may get rejected. If you steal someone else’s creation, you will also very likely get rejected. To avoid having your creative content submission rejected, make sure you create something fresh, informative, and of quality!

Grow the Crew3 ActaFam:

These quests are easy to complete. All you have to do is share your unique referral link (found in the “Invite Frens” prompt at the top of the page). Each time one of your friends joins our campaign and completes one quest, you get closer to gaining the XP from that specific quest. The most important thing to remember here is that your invitees must not only join the competition but complete at least one quest to count as successful referrals.

Telegram Activity Reputation:

These quests are probably the most confusing but we’ll break them down for you! Telegram Reputation Levels are awarded for engaging in the Acta Finance Telegram Community Channel. Reputations are increased both manually by the Acta Finance Admins, and in part by our Moderator Bot. The most important thing to know is that reputation will not be increased by spamming the chat but rather, by engaging in meaningful discussions, being helpful by answering other community members’ questions accurately, and by consistently engaging on Telegram daily. As you reach each reputation level on Telegram, you’ll be able to submit a screenshot proving it. Your Telegram Handle will be reviewed/compared to the screenshot and if everything is valid, you’ll be able to claim the corresponding XP. In other words… This isn’t a sprint but a marathon; have fun, stay engaged and help your community members learn more about Acta Finance along the way!

In our next tutorial, we will be going through some of our new Special Quests, taking a look at our Ecosystem Educator quests and unveiling two new types of quests for you to enjoy and gain valuable XP from.

Reading not your forte? Check out our video tutorial to see it all in action right on our questboard!

Remember, the Grow the ActaFam Crew3 Airdrop competition is a special go-to-market campaign with a huge prize pool of 292,500 ACTA ($39,487 USDT value) and is running for the next two months with serious rewards for the top 100 competitors. There is plenty of time to catch up and the way to win is with consistent, quality engagement.

Welcome to the family and we’ll look for you on the leaderboard!

Remember to connect with us on all of our socials for the most up-to-date project news and information!



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