Acta Finance Primed for Unprecedented Success with Industry Giant DAO Maker’s Vote Bribes Process

Acta Finance
3 min readMay 5, 2023


Acta Finance, the first Cross-Chain Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem powered by Avalanche & Arbitrum, is proud to announce its selection for the prestigious DAO Maker “Vote Bribes” process. This remarkable opportunity highlights the confidence and belief that DAO Maker has in Acta Finance, while emphasizing their desire to hear from you!

Boasting over 1 million users and an impressive suite of technical and operational resources, DAO Maker stands as the largest on-chain launchpad in the world. Their inclusion of Acta Finance in the Vote Bribes process signifies a monumental opportunity for our innovative platform to gain traction and reach new heights.

Vote Bribes: Wallets with Higher Asset Balances Receive Stronger Vote Strength

We cordially invite our community and stakeholders to participate in the DAO Maker Vote Bribes process. Voting is live from 12 pm UTC on May 5th (today) until Friday, May 12th. The more assets you possess, the bigger the Airdrop opportunity & Vote. Dive into this permissionless airdrop for votes and join the pool of $10,000 worth of $ACTA rewards. Every user and token holder is encouraged to participate.

Please note that multiple votes are not permitted. DAO Maker will monitor all votes and related wallet addresses. To qualify for the airdrop, you must have at least $500 worth of crypto value in your wallet. To maximize the chances of listing on DAO Maker, voting with wallets that hold a minimum of $500 crypto value is required to make the vote valid. Transfer as many assets as possible into the voting wallet and then cast your vote! Voting is free!

Zealy Competition Update: Sprint Extension & Additional $10,000 Airdrop on DAO Maker

Attention Zealy competitors! The current sprint will be extended until Acta Finance lists, and as an added bonus, we have introduced a $10,000 airdrop reward pool to DAO Maker. By voting with the minimum requirement in your wallet, you can not only gain additional XP on Zealy but also increase the reward opportunity for the DAO Maker airdrop based on the assets in your wallet. Simply vote, then complete the Zealy quest that asks you to submit a screenshot proving you voted and demonstrating a minimum wallet balance of $500:

This limited-time offer presents an unparalleled opportunity for our dedicated supporters and the Acta Finance community. Don’t miss your chance to contribute to Acta Finance’s listing on DAO Maker and reap the benefits of this exclusive and highly rewarding initiative.

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Together, let’s champion Acta Finance’s ascent to the pinnacle of DeFi innovation!

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Acta Finance is the first Cross-Chain Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem powered by #Avalanche & #Arbitrum.