Acta Finance Referral Program & Address Milestones:

Pioneering DeFi Innovation with Traditional Finance Staples

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4 min readApr 24, 2023

The DeFi landscape is perpetually advancing and Acta Finance strives to lead those changes by ingeniously merging traditional finance products with cutting-edge blockchain technology. This article delves into the intricacies of Acta Finance’s Address Milestones and groundbreaking Referral Program accentuating how these innovations have the potential to reshape the DeFi industry.

Acta Finance’s On-Chain Referral Program: A Paradigm Shift

At the heart of Acta Finance’s on-chain referral program is the utilization of blockchain technology to engineer a more transparent, efficient, and rewarding referral system by incorporating referral tracking and reward allocation directly into smart contracts. The result: an eradication of intermediaries to ensure a seamless, secure and instantaneous process. Acta Finance’s avant-garde approach capitalizes on the strengths of blockchain technology, redefines the conventional referral program model and reintroduces it to the world as an improved and modernized financial tool.

Captivating DeFi Users: The Key Factors

The ActaFi Referral Program holds immense appeal for both new and existing DeFi users attributable to several distinct factors:

  1. Inclusiveness: The ActaFi Referral Program caters to users with diverse levels of influence, proffering rewards that are attainable for all participants.
  2. Transparency: Blockchain technology guarantees that referral data is open, credible, and effortlessly verifiable, with real-time tracking and reward distribution.
  3. Passive Income: Users can generate a consistent income stream by introducing others to the platform enabling them to earn even while they sleep!
  4. Simplicity: The ActaFi Referral Program’s user-centric design ensures an uncomplicated setup and seamless user experience.
  5. Fairness: The three-tier referral structure guarantees equal opportunities for new users to reap the program’s benefits.

The Three-Tier Referral System Unravelled

Acta Finance’s Referral Program boasts three referral levels, each featuring distinct commission percentages to incentivize users to broaden their networks. Users are rewarded upon reaching Address Milestones and can also earn a commission when their referral network reaches a milestone. The three levels are as follows:

  1. Level 1: Direct referrals — Users earn a commission on the rewards of each referral they personally introduce to the platform.
  2. Level 2: Indirect referrals — Users earn a commission on the rewards of the referrals made by their direct referrals.
  3. Level 3: Sub-indirect referrals — Users earn a commission on the rewards of the referrals made by their indirect referrals.

The rewards for achieving Address Milestones are in ACTA tokens and are as follows:

Demystifying Reward Distribution: A Practical Example

To better comprehend the reward distribution mechanism, let’s examine the following scenario:

John, referred by you, achieves a 1 million trading volume milestone and receives 500 ACTA tokens as a reward. Consequently, you (the direct referrer) will receive 50 ACTA tokens (10%). Your friend, who referred you, obtains 25 ACTA tokens (5%), and the individual who referred your friend earns 15 ACTA tokens (3%).

Moreover, with Acta Finance’s 10% Referral Rewards Bonus Program, if John activates his referral link by locking in 50 ACTA tokens, even without any referrals he can start earning. He secures a 10% kickback on each of the three referrals in the network that brought him to Acta Finance; in the example above, his reward would amount to 5, 2.5, and 1.5 ACTA tokens, respectively.

This enticing reward distribution structure motivates users to expand their referral networks and reap the benefits of the Acta Finance Referral Program while simultaneously accelerating the growth and adoption of the ActaFi ecosystem as a whole.

Starting Your Referral Network & Learning More

Acta Finance’s on-chain Referral Program and Address Milestones herald a new era in DeFi by establishing a transparent, efficient, and rewarding system that caters to users across the spectrum. Fusing blockchain technology with traditional finance products, Acta Finance presents an inclusive, intuitive, and equitable platform that revolutionizes the referral program paradigm. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our most recent ActaFi Referral Program & Address Milestones Video Tutorial where we walk you through the steps of how to start your referral network and start earning rewards with Acta Finance or visit us on ActaFi Testnet!

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