ADA Finance Ecosystem — Development update blog #4

In our Development update blog series, we keep the community informed about the bi-weekly development progress. This is the fourth article in our developer series. As we outlined in the previous entries in the series we’ll keep you up to date on the latest development news. As introduced before, our developers are divided into four major teams: Haskell, Solidity, DevOps, and Frontend UI/UX.

Haskell Team
The Haskell team continues to work on the development of the smart contracts. With deployments to testnet getting more accessible, the Haskell team started the deployment process with the testnet. During this process, the Haskell development team is in close contact with IOHK, reporting issues and jointly advancing solutions that will foster the development of both the ADA Finance ecosystem and the Cardano blockchain in general. ADA Finance brings staking smartcontract coding in a licensed public repository on Github.

Solidity Team
Since our last development update, the Solidity team has been extended with 2 new members. The team puts the focus on having the 2 first smartcontracts, Affiliate / Referral and Staking, functional at the genesis of the ADA Finance platform. Thus, from the very first moment ADA Finance is up and running, our members will be able to earn passive income from staking and; equally important, they will also be able to generate their unique referral link and start building their own user networks. Ultimately the building of an active referral tree leads to another healthy source of passive income. Once these smartcontracts have been completed, they will be submitted to an audit by Solidity Finance, our partner, who has completed the ADAFI Token smartcontract audit successfully. Now that the token smartcontract is audited, we are one step closer to the official listing date on a centralized exchange (CEX), and our official IDO dates!

In the next phases, the Solidity team will be developing the distribution smartcontracts for the presale investors. The Cardano — Avalanche Tokenbridge will be developed after we release our ADAFi Swap on the Avalanche blockchain.

ADA Finance platform currently supports Metamask and Wallet Connect on testnet. The team is currently working on getting Avalanche Wallet and Trust Wallet integrated, giving the users multiple options to connect to the ADA Finance Ecosystem.

DevOps Team
The DevOps team finished the local infrastructure, on AWS, for testing and production, and has set up the Cardano and Avalanche nodes. The applications: Frontend, API, Cardano PAB Node, and Cardano Wallet integration, are being deployed by the DevOps team.

The development of the ADA Finance platform is coming along well! The ADAFi Swap (Pro View) designs are being finalized as the development of the Staking, and Referral program, are getting ready to hit testnet.

UI/UX (Frontend) Team
The UI/UX team has continued developing the frontend components of the platform. In tandem with the Solidity team’s latest developments, the UI/UX team has focused on the integration of the Staking and Affiliate/Referrals Program interfaces. Above, one can see an example of the ADAFi Swap (Pro View).

ADA Finance is building and testing a complex and reliable ecosystem. While the full set of services won’t be available from start, we plan on having the platform operating with Staking and Referral Programs before the public sale is closed. It is no small achievement in such a short period of time, but these are only the first steps in creating a new standard for the DeFi industry!





Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.

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Acta Finance

Acta Finance

Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.