ADA Finance: Innovation for the DeFi industry

The crypto industry is built on innovation. We understand this concept at ADA Finance. Therefore, we are making it our mission to innovate. ADA Finance is the first cross-dual-chain Ecosystem, powered by the Cardano and Avalanche blockchain. Of course, we decided to offer standard DeFi features, like staking. However, for us, that is not good enough. ADA Finance introduces rewards, based on referral activity and addresses milestones. We want long-term engagements with our users, so our reward programs were a natural step. As always, when lightning is caught in a bottle, others follow. We have heard of other projects in the industry scrambling to attempt to offer similar rewards. Who can blame them?

Our innovation hasn’t stopped with rewards. We stand apart from the rest when it comes to our services. We have put together a completely unique lending model. As is usual with DeFi, we bring the lender and the borrower together, allowing borrowers to obtain cryptocurrency while the lender receives interest in return. Borrowers provide collateral through their crypto assets. However, we’ve avoided the course of liquidity mining entities. In addition, our lending feeds the margin requests on our swap. We, at ADA Finance, want to provide passive earning opportunities through lending. We protect our lenders from losing their funds during liquidations through our insurance model. It includes the creation of insurance funds for each lending transaction. We are proud of the distinctive lending mechanism we have created.

Because we love passive earning opportunities through investment, we have designed the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Program. The DAO program includes different levels for users based on the amount of ADAFI Tokens they stake. The more tokens users stake, the more passive earnings they can create. DOA rewards are distributed monthly. We’ve also included a buyback program. As a user, you will love this program.

We have standard operations, like staking, and twists on others, like our take on farming. We were there first with referral rewards and continue to be with our truly unique mechanisms for lending, margin trading, and the DAO program. We have exciting token utilities and tokenomics. These things make us stand out and ready for the future.

Stay tuned! In the coming days and weeks, we will deep-dive into the passive earning opportunities which ADA Finance has to offer. Explaining the gamification piece by piece to educate the community so everyone can think about their game plan!





Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.

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Acta Finance

Acta Finance

Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.