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Greetings Acta Finance Community,

Our flagship feature, the referral program, and address milestones rewards are one of the first features that will be launched on our platform. We are going to be the first DeFi platform in the crypto industry that introduces such functionalities and opportunities to users. The address milestones and referral program will be the first functionality of our platform that will be launched. Staking will launch approx. 3 weeks later of the launch of the program.

💛ActaFi Adress Milestones

The whole address milestone and referral system rewards program has the purpose to reward users for their commitment and active engagement with the platform and in the ecosystem.
Users reach the first milestone, the bronze level if they succeed in the necessary prerequisites, such as a trading volume worth $5000, cumulative lending profits of $500, one engagement in a farming pool, or ten active referral links.

By completing a prerequisite for the milestone, a reward is paid out. For example, a $5000 trading volume rewards the user with 5 $ACTA.

In total there are five address milestones that can be reached.

1. Bronze
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Platinum
5. Diamond

ActaFi Address Milestones and the rewards

Activating the referral link does not work with tiers, but will immediately reward 5 ACTA to the new user, which motivates the referral program and activates the 10% kickback. To progress through these levels, users have to complete all necessary steps before stepping up.

💛ActaFi Referral Program

A DeFi platform is strengthened by its liquidity and active user base. By rewarding users for referring new users to the ActaFi platform, our user base will continue to grow organically over time and get more stable the bigger it gets.

This will bolster the ActaFi ecosystem. The direct benefits are going to the referrer as you invite users and others to join your referral network as new users of the platform. As the users of your network increase activity on the platform by reaching address milestones, you, as the referrer, earn a commission on their milestone rewards.

Preview of the ActaFi Ecosystem Address Milestones page, connected on testnet.

To start your own referral network you’ll need to deposit 50 ACTA into a smart contract, locking these tokens for 6 months. This will generate a unique referral link, which can be shared wherever you like. The more active users in your 3-level network, the more passive earning you can get as commission from their activity. Acquiring users can build a vibrant and lucrative network within the platform, which magnifies your passive income as their network grows.

💛Scenario: Referral and Milestone Program in Action

To illustrate how the referral and address milestones program can help you earn increased passive income through commissions, let’s step through a simple example to illustrate how it really works.

The referral tree is to be read as follows: I am the Tier 1 affiliate of Jim and Tom. The Tier 2 affiliate of Ben, Angela, Karen, and Pam. The Tier 3 affiliate of Josh, Jen, and Andy.

Let’s say I choose to participate in the program and submit 50 ACTA to receive his referral link. Then I share the link with my friends on my social media accounts.

In my post, I mention that I’m earning “crazy amounts of passive income on Acta Finance!!!” and invite others to do the same by clicking my referral link. My friend Tom sees my post and calls me to learn more. I educate Tom all about how Acta Finance is creating passive income opportunities for me. Tom decides he wants to get in, so he joins the ActaFi platform using my referral link. Now, Tom is part of my personal network on the platform and can create his own network to start making a passive income, based on the activity of his network. Pam becomes part of Tom’s network and Andy becomes part of Pam’s network.

The milestones-based reward and commissions system maximally propagates three levels up, so whenever Andy gets his referral link and builds his own network, the rewards earned by those below him won’t reach me anymore. Furthermore, his network might be so active and engaged that he might start to make more passive income than me. This keeps the tier structure balanced and always inviting for newcomers and maintains the incentive high for those already in the game to keep adding more and more direct chains.
Think of it as a Bonsai tree: you’ll keep shaping the tree for as long as you want and your decisions define how profitable your little tree will be. However, when one stops nourishing and watering the tree then it will become wilted.

As Andy uses the ActaFi platform for token swapping, staking, trading and farming, he eventually reaches the milestone of $1 million in trading volume. As he reaches that address milestone, the platform rewards him for his activity with 500 ACTA. Pam — who referred Andy — receives a 10% commission or 50 ACTA. Likewise, Tom receives a 5% commission (25 ACTA), and I earn a 3% commission of 15 ACTA.

📍Important: To receive referral commissions on address milestones, above bronze level milestones, users need to have unlocked the address milestone themselves to be eligible to receive the referral commission. When one hasn’t reached the address milestone yet, the commission will be allocated to one’s address for 90 days. If one did not reach the address milestone by that time, that referral commission will be revoked.

💛10% Referral Kickback

Now that we have seen how the distribution of address milestone rewards is structured, let’s look at the final step. Andy, who hit the milestones, activates his referral link by depositing 50 ACTA in the referral smart contract. By doing so, Andy activates the 10% referral kickback, meaning every address milestone he reaches, the rewards are distributed to the (up to) 3 level network that he belongs to, but he receives a 10% kickback on those commissions.

Example of 3 Tier level affiliates distribution and kickback to the user that succeeded in the Address Milestone

By activating the referral link, any user will receive a one-time-only reward of 5 ACTA. Giving the referral commissions to the network he belongs to and already benefiting from the 10% kickback!


This flexible structure creates a sustainable incentive system where most of the fee structure is used to reward the users. As the ecosystem grows more services will be added and therefore more options of passive income sources are made available. Acta Finance is positioned for long-term sustainability and growth, and our referral program is just one feature that makes us the most innovative DeFi platform in the industry.

We invite you to think about the earning potential of what the referral and milestone programs could bring you as an ActaFi user and to the platform. Acta is a platform that fully capitalizes on the network effect. — The more people are part of the network, the better it is for everybody. Just imagine — thousands of ActaFi users incentivized to bring new users into the platform week after week, month after month! Imagine your potential commissions as you develop your own network!

Next week, we look forward to sharing a close-up of the current in-development staking and DAO features of the ActaFi ecosystem, showing how you can maximize your passive income as an ActaFi platform user.

💛About Acta Finance

Acta Finance is a cross-chain DeFi platform governed by smart contracts that innovates the Avalanche and Cardano ecosystem with the ActaFi Swap and a referral system. Acta Finance introduces a Referral Program, Address Milestone Rewards, and a DAO Program to maximize platform growth and user activity-based rewards. By offering derivatives in a decentralized way, through ActaFi Swap, Acta Finance aims to counter the manipulated liquidation events on centralized entities by using a decentralized price feed and a cross-chain liquidity aggregation.

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