Announcing Acta Finance x MLabs partnership to accelerate deployment on Cardano

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3 min readMar 10, 2022

Good day fellow supporters. There’s surely a lot going on over the last weeks, and we have plenty more updates yet to come. Expect our check-ins to be frequent and persistent ;)

We hope you’re slowly getting accustomed to our new name and accompanying colours. We know we are!

As Chris has already teased during our Livestream on March 7th, all the announcements and major updates were put on hold until the finish of the rebranding. That does not mean that we stopped developing the business or the project, that was all being done behind the scenes.

In the upcoming days and weeks we’ll be announcing around a dozen new partnerships, collaborations that we’ve been hoarding for the time being. Today is a time for one of them.

A topic that is always hotly contested to be the most important and newsworthy in any crypto project’s roadmap is tech development. We are excited to shed a spotlight on one of our development partners — MLabs. It is unbelievably hard to find resourceful, reliable and result-oriented partners in blockchain and smart contract development. It took our project some time but through trial and error we have finally found one.

MLabs is a Software Development Consultancy specialising in Haskell, Rust, Blockchain and AI consultancy. They are implementing end-to-end projects or compliment existing teams including full stack and devops work that is required by any individual case. MLabs employs more than 90 people worldwide and has a proven track record, is among the largest contributors for IOHK — one of the world’s pre-eminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies.

MLabs is highly competent in Haskell-native development, which is of critical importance for Acta Finance platform’s Cardano side. That’s where they are going to do all the heavy lifting.

Coming from the words of our Chief Technology Officer Laurynas:

Developing a Swap on Cardano brings a lot of challenges with it. Since Smart Contracts were introduced in November last year, we have to solve numerous concurrency and operability issues. I’m more than happy to say that we have the best people in the industry to do that — MLabs. Working with Ben Hart is always very enjoyable. I’m more than happy to work on challenges and bring new solutions to the community. We have many new groundbreaking concepts that will be announced in the future!

You know good times are ahead when the CTO is happy — it brings ground for the community to be happy too. That wraps it up for today but not for long. You’ll be hearing more updates from us soon.

By the way, there will be an airdrop worth $72,500 in ACTA tokens rewarding active participation and engagement in the official Acta Finance Telegram group and Twitter. More info on the terms and conditions will be disclosed in the near future but in general: the earlier you start, the more you can earn.



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