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Acta Finance Unveils New Opportunity to Boost Your Points and Shape DAO Maker Vote Bribes Outcome

Acta Finance
2 min readMay 9, 2023

Acta Finance is thrilled to announce a game-changing opportunity for our valued community members to amplify your influence and earn additional rewards. We are calling on you, our dedicated supporters, to create your very own referral link on DAO Maker’s Vote Bribes, and unleash the incredible potential of your personal networks!

By referring friends, family, and colleagues to vote for Acta Finance on DAO Maker, you not only bolster our chances of securing a listing but also skyrocket your own points! The more people you bring on board, the higher your score rises, and the closer we move towards the collective triumph of listing.

Here’s the deal: the referral process is simple, yet the rewards are exponential.

Follow these easy steps to craft your unique referral link:

  1. Navigate to the Acta Finance voting page:
  2. Ensure you’ve moved at last $500 in crypto value into your wallet and then click, “Vote” for Acta Finance to list on DAO Maker
  3. Once you’ve successfully voted, click on the “Boost Airdrop” button to see various challenges to complete which will boost your score
  4. Click on the “Start Challenge” button and copy your unique referral link or share it directly to your Twitter, Telegram or Facebook
  5. Share your custom referral link with your contacts via social media, email, or any other platform by simply copying and pasting it

Remember, this is not only an opportunity to grow your points but also a chance to reinforce Acta Finance’s position in the ever-competitive world of DeFi. Additionally, by engaging in other ways such as by visiting the Acta Finance voting research page, you can gain extra points. Your efforts will benefit your own score while helping us secure a prestigious listing on DAO Maker and ushering in a new era of growth and success for Acta Finance.

We at Acta Finance deeply appreciate your unwavering support and know that, together, we can achieve incredible milestones. Let’s harness the power of our collective networks and always stand by our philosophy of Acta Non Verba- Deeds Not Words!



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