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2 min readMar 13, 2023


Hello ActaFam!

We are very excited to unveil an exclusive whitelist opportunity being hosted by RR² Capital in anticipation of the upcoming Acta Finance TGE!

This is your chance to participate in our upcoming launch so here’s what you need to know/do to qualify:

When: You will have from Monday, March 13th at 12pm UTC until Wednesday, March 15th at 12pm UTC 2023 to apply.

Public sale price: $O.135 per token for our winners

Vesting Terms: 10% release at TGE, 1 month cliff, and 2 months daily linear vesting

KYC: There is no need for KYC, and all countries are allowed to participate

Claiming Process: Winners will need to transfer $100 USDT to a designated wallet (details to be announced later) and claim via a claiming portal (details to be announced later)

Launch date: TGE is scheduled for April 2023 with final dates to be confirmed and announced soon

Winners Announcement: Winners will be announced once the promotion has ended

Conditions: We ask that you follow the Acta Finance Twitter page to qualify

About RR2:
Founded in 2021, RR² Capital is a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning sectors, and digital asset sectors. Their investment thesis is centred in a deep conviction around the ‘new internet’ and its capacity to revolutionize traditional business paradigms as the adoption of these technologies increases. RR² Capital aims to capture this value by investing into these companies and teams while providing them with an array of resources to help drive innovation, facilitate widespread adoption and increase global awareness.

RR²’s investment approach is focused on identifying companies with strong management teams and disruptive business models that have the potential to achieve significant growth and create long-term value.

For more information and updates on RR² Capital, please join the Crypto Rand Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/cryptorand

For more information on their exclusive whitelist offer, visit: https://cryptorandgroup.com/



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