Introducing our New Go to Market Zealy Airdrop Competition!

And Wrapping up our Crew3 Competition

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2 min readApr 7, 2023

Hello ActaFam,

Yesterday we announced some major Crew3 updates in our Acta Non Verba session. Today we’re going to lay them out here for your easy reference but before we get started, Crew3 has re-branded to Zealy! From now on we will use that name.

Our first Crew3 Competition- The Grow the ActaFam Airdrop Competition with a reward pool of 292,500 ACTA is now closed.

Those who competed in the first 2 sprints and made it to the top 100 on the leaderboard have secured themselves ½ of the original prize pool-146,250 ACTA collectively. Each sprint lasted for two weeks and was worth ¼ the original reward allocation pool so half of the original amount will be honoured because you all competed valiantly. Claim details are at the bottom of this article, but now, onto our new competition!

Introducing Acta Finance’s Go to Market Zealy Airdrop Competition!

When: Starts Monday, April 10th at 00:00 am UTC and closes Monday, May 8th at 00:00 am.

Quests & Other Details: Many new ones, and many are 1 attempt only, no exceptions. Make sure you read the descriptions closely. No Telegram or Discord rep quests but these two ranks will be compared and used to determine the winner if there is a tie on the Zealy leaderboard. No asking for Telegram Reputation and only quality organic interactions will be rewarded when our moderators deem it worthy. Quest reviews will only occur at the end of the sprint. In order to qualify for your rewards in this new competition, you must have completed at least 60% of the quests available upon the competition’s end date.

Reward Breakdown:

Total Prize Pool: $5000 value in $ACTA

  1. $350
  2. $300
  3. $250
  4. $200
  5. $200
  6. $125
  7. $125
  8. $125
  9. $125
  10. $125

Additional Rewards:

11–25. $80 x 15= $1200

26–50. $50 x 25= $1250

51–75. $25 x 25= $625

Reward Claiming:

For both our Crew3 and now our new Zealy Competition, rewards will be claimable from a claim portal from vesting:

2 weeks cliff (STARTING FROM LISTING), 1-month daily linear vesting

Good Luck ActaFam!

Thank you to everyone who competed in our first competition and we’re excited to do it all again, this time with Zealy!



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