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4 min readApr 12, 2022

It is unquestionable that the most successful and trendy crypto projects rise to the top on the hands of their engaged, active and loyal communities. We value the community too and are more than willing to back it up with actions.

Acta Finance roadmap is filled with a number of planned initiatives to incentivize and facilitate community engagement and platform engagement along the way. Today will give you a brief rundown of the incentives that are hitting the ground in the immediate future.

💛Growth incentives: The Telegram Game

First one that is already ongoing is the Acta Finance Telegram game. You already can embody an astronaut jetpacking through an undiscovered planet and gather ACTA coins along the way.

Every week for 4 weeks we are resetting the high score leaderboard and rewarding the top 5 scorers who collected the most ACTA tokens through gameplay with $50 worth of ACTA tokens. The first week has already passed, but you still have time to compete and be amongst the first ones to have a positive balance of ACTA before the public release.

Go ahead and Start Playing

Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for rewards you must follow Acta Finance on Twitter and join our official Telegram group chat.

💥Top 500 in Chat Activity 💥

Top 500 most active accounts in our Telegram channel will receive more than $65,000 worth in ACTA tokens, with the top account raking in $6000, while the minimum reward will be $100. It literally pays to be active in Acta Finance telegram chat.

In order to avoid bot accounts spamming the chat to usurp the rewards, the chat activity will be measured through a number of metrics including the message length, message uniqueness, characters in the sentence and more. We always hope for a fair game, but having a few rules helps too.

Activity rewards breakdown:

💰Top 1: $6,000 in ACTA

💰Top 2: $3,000 in ACTA

💰Top 3: $2,000 in ACTA

💰Top 4: $1,000 in ACTA

💰Top 5: $500 in ACTA

💰Top 6–20: $250 in ACTA

💰Top 21–50: $200 in ACTA

💰Top 51–100: $150 in ACTA

💰Top 101–500: $100 in ACTA

Be sure to be a part of the activity campaign — the more you engage and learn, the more you’ll be rewarded for it.

🔺KOL Giveaways🔺

We have a set of very wide ranging visibility and marketing partners already secured. You may have noticed a few announcements regarding influencer involvement with Acta Finance captable. And these are going to continue — we have made more deals that we’ve announced — keeping some news under the table.

Not only will these opinion leaders join our token holder club, they will also help to create Acta Finance related content and spread the message to the world. Alongside their videos and shoutouts a few giveaways will be weaved — the audience will be directed to our Telegram channel and rewarded, so the ones who are in the right place at the right time can squeeze some extra value.

🔥TGE incentives: On-chain referrals & Wrapped NFTs (locked staking)

Our affiliate smart contracts are already being audited as we speak and will be functional with the launch of the platform. Acta Finance affiliate system will definitely be the first of its kind, completely decentralized and transparent, always verifiable by the blockchain data.

In the beginning the program will function like Clubhouse and will be invite-only with a selected list of KOLs getting a free pass. All you have to do is follow the KOLs in our captable and jump when they distribute their affiliate links. After the initial period, affiliate link generation will be opened to all and everyone will have a chance to benefit from it.

Certain requirements of staking a specified number of ACTA will be in place to avoid unwanted and fraudulent exploitative behavior. Stay tuned for more detailed news, a deep dive into Acta Finance referral architecture is underway!

📢Wrapped NFTs (wNFTs) will hold a certain amount of ACTA tokens which will be generating rewards, but the tokens as well as staking rewards will be locked for 8 months (25% APR) and 12 months (35% APR), respectively. wNFTS are a great way to get in early and start generating passive income from day 1.

For those looking for a quick flip — even though tokens and rewards will be locked, the wNFTs will be tradeable on the secondary market giving liquidity to otherwise illiquid assets.

wNFTs will be exclusive, come in limited quantities and will be distributed on the first come — first served basis.

💲DeFi staking

The more traditional and familiar DeFi staking will launch 3 weeks after the TGE, giving people the chance to start participating in the referral ecosystem and earning those participation rewards.

Staking will require a 0.75% deposit fee which will be redistributed back to the platform incentives pool, DAO program, development fund and affiliate network.

A lot of exciting milestones are filling up the roadmap and we’re ready to deliver. The plan is set and already in motion. Be sure to stay up to date and in sync with our latest news and updates, don’t miss our AMAs and engage with the team directly in our Telegram channel.



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