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3 min readMar 18, 2022

Dear Acta Finance Community,

three more KOLs have joined our captable (presale)! It’s now time for introductions! Keep reading to find out more about their background, community channels, audience and reasons for joining our captable.

Give a big round of applause for Chinaman, GameFi Gems and Herd Ventures — some big crypto industry names that are now early backers of the Acta Finance platform!

  1. Chinaman

Chinaman joned us since he found out about Acta Finance. He is always keen on supporting promising DeFi projects with a trusted team. He believes that DeFi gives financial freedom to people and shares Acta Finance news & updates on Twitter and Telegram channels with his community.

💛Total Audience: 127,398

Chinaman has a team of few other Influencers, who showed an interest in Acta Finance.

To follow Chinaman and his squad, please use the links below:

🎇King of Kings




🎇Owner of a 100 ETH Castle




🎇IDO and Token Sales 100x


We asked Chinaman why he joined our captable:

“With Acta Finance you get the best of both worlds, DeFi is a critical component of the industry that enables users to protect and grow their assets in times of governments banning crypto and seizing funds. Furthermore Acta Finance will have its own Launchpad, which is an essential strategy for investors to be able to invest in the most trending and rewarding projects and bring those gains.”

2. GameFi Gems

GameFi Gems fosters an enormous global Crypto community. They joined Acta Finance as they are true believers and supporters of Cardano projects. Since the Acta Finance rebrand, GameFi Gems actively shares news of Acta Finance with their Twitter and Telegram communities.

💛Total audience: 122,510

GameFi Gems has their followers spread between Twitter and Telegram.

Show some love to GameFi Gems, stay updated and follow them on:

🎇GameFi Gems Twitter


🎇GameFi Gems Telegram


We asked GameFi Gems why they joined Acta Finance:

“We have decided to join Acta Finance as they are building a DeFi ecosystem on two chains: Cardano and Avalanche. Our team is always keen on supporting new promising projects that build on Cardano. We are also excited about the upcoming ActaFi Launchpad that will be incubating Cardano projects.”

3. Herd Ventures

Herd Ventures is one of the early investors and supporters of Acta Finance. Their main community channel is on Twitter where they spread the word about Acta Finance and its innovation since the first day they were onboard.

💛Total audience: 10,200

Herd Ventures has a growing Twitter community. You can show them your support by liking and subscribing via:

🎇Herd Ventures Twitter


We asked Herd Ventures why they joined Acta Finance:

“Acta Finance is one of the most promising projects in the industry with its fully fledged ecosystem on both Cardano and Avalanche chains. The room for growth is tremendous.”

We appreciate the support of Chinaman, GameFi Gems & Herd Ventures, and here’s to an even brighter Acta Finance future with its new backers!💥



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