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2 min readMar 16, 2022

Dear Acta Finance Community,

Please give it up for 2 more of our KOLs, now part of our captable (presale)! Continue reading for a brief background on our KOLs’, their community channels, audience, and reasons for joining our captable. Let’s get this started!

Welcome Moon with Shin Chan and Sam Ventures — some of the hottest influencers in the crypto industry and early backers of the Acta Finance platform!💎

  1. Moon With Shin Chan

Shin Chan is an active new projects “hunter” and investor. He decided to join Acta Finance once he found out about the ecosystem and DeFi innovations that Acta Finance brings to the industry. Shin Chan is sharing Acta Finance news with his Twitter and Telegram communities.

💛Total Audience: 19,938

Shin Chan has his audience spread between his Twitter and Telegram channels.

To follow Shin Chan’s work, we invite you to follow his social media:

🟡Moon With Shin Chan Twitter


🟡Moon With Shin Chan Telegram Community


We asked Shin Chan why he joined Acta Finance:

“We believe Acta Finance’s ideas, vision, and team is strong enough to achieve a very competitive outcome in this blockchain field.”

2. Sam Ventures

Sam Ventures has joined Acta Finance as our Vietnamese partner. Since the Acta Finance rebrand kicked off, Sam Ventures is actively sharing ecosystem’s news and updates in a Vietnamese community Telegram channel.

💛Total audience: 4,495

Sam Ventures has a very active and supportive audience on Telegram channel.

To check out Venture’s telegram activity, we invite you to follow them via:

🟡Sam Venture Telegram Group


We asked Sam Ventures why they joined Acta Finance:

“DeFi ecosystem is growing rapidly. Acta Finance is one of the most innovative DeFi ecosystems in the industry today!”

We appreciate the support of Moon with Shin Chan & Sam Ventures, and look forward to taking Acta Finance to a whole new level with our new partners!🚀



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