P2P Finance Weekly Update: Sept 24

One more week has passed and we’re coming out with this week’s business development status update from the P2P Finance ecosystem. We’ve been busy as usual and are eager to tell you all about it!

Partnership with Charli3

Let’s start with what matters the most, partnerships and team and resource expansion. We’ve partnered up with Charli3 to provide us a decentralized price feed on Cardano to facilitate Lending and Margin Trading on P2Pswap. By engaging with Charli3, P2P Finance we’re able to remove oracle development from things we need to build in-house and shift focus the core essence of the platform with increased attention on proposing direct utility and passive earnings opportunities for P2P token holders from the start.

Ben Stein joins as an advisor

Ben Stein takes up an advisory role in P2P finance. Ben is an innovator, connector, investor, strategic advisor and KOL — all in one person. He’s an experienced entrepreneur and big picture strategist who has been working in numerous successful startups including Liquidity, Solanium, BSCPad, as of yet and is the current CMO at Diabolo.io. He has a passion for DeFi and the decentralization of the current bankster-owned corruption-ridden financial system.

Recently, I was fortuitous enough to be introduced to Chris Waton by a friend in the industry. We connected, beginning by discussing some ideas together before a 15-minute introduction call was arranged. Within 10 minutes of that 120-minute call, the experience and passion Chris possessed became quite obvious to me. His drive to innovate within the DeFi space, combined with the courage to bring it to the Cardano Blockchain was most striking. By the end of the meeting, I was not only convinced of the potential of P2P’s product, but I was already pro-actively making introductions to help bring Chris closer to achieving his goals with P2P Finance.

It is certainly an intense pleasure to join officially as an advisor, as it gives me another avenue to play my part in the DeFi (r)evolution, whilst working in a symbiotic way with a like-minded individual!“ — commented Ben when asked about his decision to join P2P finance.

CBDO role filled.

Moreover, we are in talks with a crypto OG who has accepted to take up the role of Chief Business Development Officer. We’re waiting until we finalize the agreement and sign the contract to reveal his identity. It will likely happen and will be published in the next week’s update.

Most of you probably know him already, but we agreed not to make a marketing stunt out of him and put efforts into bringing valuable partnerships and opening doors for P2P finance.

Next up, public relations. The word about the disruption and innovation P2P Finance brings about is already spreading. This week Business Insider published an article introducing P2P finance and covering our partnership with Charli3.

Haskell coding video comes out on Saturday

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 September, we’re publishing a P2P finance staking video that will discuss the progress we’ve made developing the staking smart contract and explains the interaction with the smart contract.

Stay tuned and follow us on social media to be the first ones seeing it.

Amsterdam, here we come

We’re also excited to announce that the team is coming to Amsterdam in order to attend the Cardano Summit tomorrow, September 25th. If you’re there and want to talk about DeFi, ADA, Cardano smart contracts or cover any related topic — let’s meet in person. Reach out to Christof Waton through telegram to book a meeting with the P2P Finance team, we’re all ears and eager to talk.

Well, we think that’s it for this Friday. Meanwhile, we continue working around the clock to manifest the P2P Finance vision into reality as soon as possible. Stay with us, we’re going to get there sooner than you expect.

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Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.

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Acta Finance

Acta Finance

Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.