🎇The Ones Who Joined Our Presales!🎇Hold your breath Acta Finance community !

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3 min readMar 15, 2022

We, at Acta Finance, are excited to introduce the KOLs that are part of our captable (presale) to our community and followers. We will provide a brief background on all KOLs, their community channels, their audience, and why they joined our captable.

Today we bring you Krypto Playboy, Coin Muhendisi, and Crypto FOMO, some of the most reputable bloggers in the crypto industry and early backers of the Acta Finance platform! Let’s get to know them better.

  1. Krypto Playboy

Sam has been an early investor in Acta Finance and has been creating content ever since. The Australian crypto market is booming and along with 2 more KOLs, Sam represents Acta Finance in the continent.

💛Total Audience: 30,674

Sam has his audience spread between his Youtube channel and Twitter page.

To follow Sam’s work, we invite you to follow his social media:

🟡Krypto Playboy Twitter


🟡Krypto Playboy Youtube


We asked Sam why he joined Acta Finance:

“Acta Finance caught my eye when I first came across this project as Cardano had just made some major announcements and looked set to the moon. Cardano I’ve seen is lacking in DEXs. Acta Finance offers so much more than just a DEX, especially with their unique features including a launchpad, AMM, Margin trading on DEX! There is so much more plus a team who has a lot of industry experience. This was a no-brainer and I had to be behind a project of this calibre!”

2. Coin Mühendisi

Coin Mühendisi showed an interest in Acta Finance from day one, and became ActaFi’s biggest advocate ever since. Coin Mühendisi is spreading the word about the innovative DeFi ecosystem Acta Finance is building to his Turkish speaking community through his telegram and YouTube channel!

💛Total audience: 721,765

Coin Muhendisi’s audience is spread on Twitter, Telegram and YouTube platforms.

Show him his support by following his social media channels:

🟡Coin Muhendisi Twitter


🟡Coin Muhendisi Telegram


🟡Coin Muhendisi Youtube


We asked Coin Mühendisi why he joined Acta Finance:

“We have decided to join as we see Acta Finance being a strong and promising project which brings a lot of innovations to the DeFi table”

3. Crypto FOMO

Crypto FOMO joined Acta Finance as an early investor. He is a Cardano lover and influencer. As Acta Finance is building in parallel on Cardano and Avalanche, Crypto FOMO will present our platform & updates to the Cardano community, together with other top Cardano Influencers.

💛Total audience: 85,945

Crypto FOMO audience is on Twitter and YouTube channels. Show him your support by joining his social media platforms for more great content!

🟡Crypto FOMO Twitter


🟡Crypto FOMO Youtube


We asked Crypto FOMO why he joined Acta Finance:

“Avalanche and Cardano saw massive growth, and with it there’s demand for a thriving ecosystem and infrastructure. Acta Finance is filling that gap and stands to become one of the key DeFi players in these ecosystems, further accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

We appreciate the support & look forward to taking Acta Finance to a whole new level with our dedicated KOLs.💪



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