🥳Three More KOLs Join Acta Finance Captable!

Dear Acta Finance Community,

Put your hands together for three more brand-new KOLs to join our presale! Let’s find out more about their background, community channels, audience and reasons for joining Acta Finance!

💛Welcome Yellow Spoon, Saheel Capital and Auto Venture Group — some of the most known crypto industry influencers, and now also early backers of the Acta Finance platform!

  1. Yellow Spoon

Yellow Spoon joined Acta Finance as they are DeFi fans and investors into crypto startups. Since the platform’s rebrand they are active supporters of the project. They are spreading the word about Acta Finance to their french speaking community, which is gathered on Twitter and YouTube.

🟡Total Audience: 20,762

Yellow Spoon manages an entire team of influencers and one of them is sharing Acta Finance updates with his audience on his Twitter and YouTube channels. Please show your support via the links below:

🎇Crypto Reseau Twitter


🎇Crypto Reseau Youtube


🎇Yellow Spoon Cap Twitter


We asked Yellow Spoon why they joined our captable:

“Acta Finance first interested us for their innovative DeFi Ecosystem: a secure infrastructure for users to earn passive income.

As well, a cross chain Cardano and Avalanche project is not common and this pleases YellowSpoon and our investors.”

2. Saheel Capital

Saheel Capital joined Acta Finance as our Arabic speaking partner. Their community is spread between multiple YouTube channels. Saheel Capital and their squad of bloggers is sharing all the important news about Acta Finance and creating YouTube reviews and guides about the platform for the Arabic speaking audience.

Total audience: 79,300

Saheel Capital has a team of multiple YouTube bloggers with supporting and active followers.
Check them out with the links below:

🎇Alaa Crypto Youtube


🎇Bowny 48 Youtube


🎇Khabir I Youtube


We asked Saheel Capital why they joined our captable:

“We decided to join Acta Finance as we see great potential for the first DeFi ecosystem which is building on Cardano and Avalanche in parallel and rewarding users for their activity by reaching milestones.”

3. Auto Venture Group (AVG)

Auto Venture Group (AVG) joined Acta Finance as they find its rewarding infrastructure and multitude of passive income opportunities beneficial for all users. AVG spreads news & updates of Acta Finance to its audience from all over the world, which is mainly Russian and English speaking. AVG has multiple Telegram groups, Twitter and a YouTube channel.

💛Total audience: 57,762

AVG has a rapidly growing audience, spread out among Telegram, Twitter and YouTube channels. Check out their work via the links below:

🎇AVG Twitter


🎇mrAuto Trade Telegram


🎇mrAuto Trade Youtube


🎇PURE — x chat Telegram


🎇Pure — X10 Telegram


🎇AutoTokenSale Telegram




🎇Coin Strike Telegram


We asked AVG why they chose to join our presale:

The Acta Finance that we know has users at the top of their minds and performs actions that speak a thousand words. We, at AVG, believe that their rewarding and secure infrastructure will propel the future of the DeFi Ecosystem towards greatness.”

We at Acta Finance are very excited to have Yellow Spoon, Saheel Capital & Auto Venture Group on board, and thank them for their support!




Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.

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Acta Finance

Acta Finance

Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.

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