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Spring is coming, the temperatures are rising and nature is waking up after a long and cold winter. The Crypto market is hopefully now on its way back to new ATHs. As 2022 gets rolling, the first events of 2022 are already on the horizon.The last two weeks have been very busy for all of us at Acta Finance with our ongoing IDOs and the first Community and B2B Events of the year. So, we rolled up our sleeves even higher, especially Christof Waton the CEO and founder of Acta Finance, and attended the AIBC in Dubai from the 20 to 23 of March and the Avalanche Summit which took place from 22 to 27 of March in Barcelona.

These events have always been a big opportunity for us to spread the message about Acta Finance, connect with like minded people and develop our business further. This is the recap of the last two weeks at Acta Finance and Chris Waton’s travel journal.

Christof Waton and Jiazi Li of Acta Finance connecting at the Avalanche Summit (24.03.22)

Chris’s Dubai Experience

(f.l.t.r: Miguel Francis-Santiago, Kati Anderson, Christof Waton (21.03.22))

📆On Friday, 18 of March Chris arrived before the official start of the AIBC in Dubai, to have more time with the AIBC crew and to prepare for the coming week. The team of AIBC and Chris have been partners for a long time since Chris spent a year living in Malta a while back. They had a chill night with mostly conversations about our project’s progress since the AIBC Event in Malta last year where we got the award as “the most influential and innovative DeFi project”, to recharge their batteries for a long and busy week ahead.

📆Saturday, March 19

On Saturday, Chris met with our liquidity provider to discuss the changes made to our AMM protocol concept which was welcomed very well. They are thrilled about our ideas and progress and therefore want to extend the agreement to even higher values. Our official liquidity provider will be revealed close to the launch. There is not really a benefit to announce it now, so please have a little patience until we come out with tangible news. At the moment it is our biggest goal to grow our community and then come out with all announcements step by step to create a bigger impact.

🔥Chris met with our Media partner SalAD who is assisting us with our media posts as well on Saturday. Kati Anderson, David Lolaev and Chris are really good friends and they discussed aspects of the business and structured the next steps regarding the growth of the community.

Saturday Evening was packed with the first private event of the AIBC in Dubai — the Ubuntu Tribe iDare Gala. The gala was a great opportunity to sit down with other great founders and business developers from the industry.

(counterclockwise beginning from Chris: Taku Tanaka — Advisor and investor in Crypto, old friend of Chris

Jason Luo — Head of Business development & Co-Founder Bitforex

Daniel Friedman, Cardano OG and Business Development Manager of IOHK

James Bowater — Founder of CryptoA and Advisor and good friend of Chris

Zachary Vann, Head of Token for World Mobile Token

David Lolaev — Founder and Director of SalAD Marketing and Sales Consultancy)

The tableround was discussing the newest trends in the Crypto industry and catching up on all individual news. Later that night, Chris had the opportunity to speak to Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of Kongo and ask her about her intentions to bring the crypto industry closer to her country.

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of Kongo and Christof Waton

Christof Waton used Sunday to meet all his friends that arrived early for the AIBC Expo and sat together with LKI Consulting, one of our marketing partners.

Below you find a picture of both Chris Waton and Chris of MMCrypto who is one of our investors from the Acta Finance private Sale. (They are probably reminiscing about Chris Waton’s origin in Belgium with the Croquette)

Christof Waton, Founder Acta Finance and Christopher Jaszczinzki, Founder MMCrypto

📆Monday, March 21

Chris told us on Monday morning about his weekend and reunions with old friends. In the afternoon, he was introduced to the movie producer Miguel Francis-Santiago and met with our internal lawyer to prepare documents for coming partnerships.

📆Tuesday, March 22

Pic taken by Chris on the LKI Boat party

In the morning, Christof had a legal meeting and followed up with our liquidity provider’s legal representative. In the afternoon, he had a speaking slot in a panel at the main conference stage. Media content, pictures and interviews were produced until the private boat party started in the evening.

Daniel Friedman and Christof at the boat ride where they shared interesting stories of their personal crypto journeys.

The Avalanche Summit in Barcelona

📆Wednesday, March 23

In the Morning, Chris took the next flight to Barcelona hyped about the next days to come in the Avalanche Summit. Wednesday was packed full of meetings with bright minds like the new Marketing team members of Acta Finance Jiazi Li and Julian Proft but also Mark Stanwyck, the Co-founder of Avalabs. We had an awesome evening together brainstorming about the Acta Finance strategy, the Avalanche Blockchain and of course fresh upcoming ActaFi community events.

Max Sinelnikov and Christof Waton at the Avalanche Summit (24.03.22)

📆Thursday, March 24

We all had to work in the morning to keep up with the PAID Ignition IDO the TGE deliverables as well as the development of the campaign for the next IDO. Chris had interesting talks with Max Sinelnikov from the AVA Labs Marketing, John Navas, the VP of business development of AVA Labs and their President of Business Operations, John Wu. These conversations revealed exciting new ideas for projects together with AVA Labs. We will develop these ideas about *cough* Esports, investments and AVAX *cough* into tangible projects and events that will be announced in the future, so stay tuned.

We had an awesome time at these events and thank our community and partners for their commitment and support. Really hyped about all the upcoming events this year! Hope to see you all.

💛About Acta Finance

Acta Finance is a cross-chain DeFi platform governed by smart contracts that innovates the Avalanche and Cardano ecosystem with the ActaFi Swap and a referral system. Acta Finance introduces a Referral Program, Address Milestone Rewards, and a DAO Program to maximize platform growth and user activity based rewards. By offering derivatives in a decentralized way, through ActaFi Swap, Acta Finance aims to counter the manipulated liquidation events on centralized entities by using a decentralized price feed.

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