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4 min readMar 9, 2023

Hello ActaFam,

Today we’re excited to announce some changes coming to the Acta Finance Grow the ActaFam Crew3 Airdrop Competition.

When we originally launched this competition we had planned the first round to last for two months. After considerable thought and discussion, as well as taking into consideration the opinions and strong suggestions of our community members, we have decided to break it up into sprints. Instead of one eight-week sprint, this Monday at 00:00 UTC we will be shifting into four, 2-week sprints with the first one ending this Sunday at 23:59 UTC. Upon the closing of this sprint, we will take 24 hours to review quests for plagiarism and then launch the second sprint.

The competition will still run for eight weeks total with the same total reward pool by the end but to make sure there is clarity and transparency across the board, we’ll explain further what this means for those who are competing currently and those who wish to compete in future sprints.

Why Organize the Competition Into Shorter Sprints?

The point of organizing the competition into shorter sprints is to make it fair for new people who enter at later points. By doing this, we are giving them the opportunity to earn XP at the same rate as the competitors who got into the competition early. The original structure is unfair to competitors who enter late because they can’t catch up to the competitors who have been in the competition since the beginning. By organizing the competition into sprints, we’re creating a level playing field where everyone has a chance to win.

That said, organizing the competition into sprints is also beneficial for the early competitors because it allows them to secure winnings before new competitors enter. For example, if someone is in the top 10 in the first sprint and they remain in the top 10 for all four sprints, then they will win the total reward pool for their corresponding place. This is a great incentive for early competitors to maintain their position and keep competing throughout the four sprints.

However, if someone is in the top 100 in the first sprint but falls out of the top 100 in the second sprint, then at least they still get a portion of their hard-won rewards. This is important because it ensures that competitors who were in the lead early on still get rewarded for their efforts. To ensure all positions and corresponding rewards are calculated accurately, the leaderboard will be saved after each sprint and the public leaderboard will be reset for the next sprint. At the end of the 8 weeks we will have 4 different leaderboards and rewards will be calculated to ensure each competitor receives their earned total. If a competitor holds a consistent position (eg. 1st place for all 4 sprints) then they will receive 100% of the 1st place reward pool.

Now, let’s talk about the rewards breakdown. The total reward pool remains the same but will be divided into four equal parts, with each sprint having 1/4 of the total reward pool allocated to it. The rewards breakdown for the exclusive first round is as follows:

Top 10 Winners:

1st place — 45,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

2nd place — 30,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

3rd place — 22,500 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

4th place — 15,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

5th place — 13,500 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

6th place — 12,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

7th place — 10,500 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

8th place — 9,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

9th place — 7,500 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

10th place — 6,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

Additional Rewards:

11th to 25th place — 3,000 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

26th to 50th place — 1,560 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

51st to 75th place — 1,200 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

76th to 100th place — 300 ACTA — Divided into ¼ per Sprint

We hope that by organizing the competition into sprints, we’re creating a fairer and more enjoyable competition for everyone. It also enables us to create new and more exciting quests to keep you entertained and engaged in more ways. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just joining the competition, you have an equal chance to win. We wish everyone the best of luck and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top! Now head on over to our Crew3 Questboard and continue grinding XP before this sprint ends!

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